It’s Judy Time Collaboration With Pixi Beauty Review & Swatches

Pixi and It's Judy Time Review and Swatches


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Recently Pixi Beauty has released new products that were collaborations with four different beauty bloggers.  I was lucky enough to have received all of these collabs from Pixi Beauty to try out and I must say, I am very impressed.  I will be reviewing all four collaborations, but in their own separate posts.  Today I want to share with you the It’s Lip Time palette and the It’s Eye Time palette created by Judy from It’s Judy Time.


I love makeup in the form of palettes.  I love having the accessibility to multiple products, or shades that I would use all in one place. They are super convenient when traveling or taking along with you on a regular day. These palettes have been the perfect addition to my collection.

Judy has created these palettes to make it extremely easy for you to transition from a subtle day-time look, to a sultry night look without needing to grab a million other products.  You can go to work and literally be ready for a girls night out, or hot date just by adding some deeper shades to your day time look.

Pixi and It's Judy Time Collaboration

The It’s Eye Time eyeshadow palette, comes in a sleek plastic palette with a vertical opening and is the same pretty mint green casing as all Pixi products.  There is a total of 12 neutral shades ranging from matte, to shimmers.  There is a perfect balance of shades to easily change up your look whether you are going for a soft look, a natural look, or dramatic look.  Each shadow is so buttery and easy to blend.  I was also blown away at how pigmented they are without a primer.  You can use them dry, or wet them for even more pigmentation.  It’s Judy Time eyeshadow palette retails for $24.

It's Eye Time Eyeshadow Palette

It's Judy Time Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

Judy’s lip palette, It’s Lip Time, also comes in a sleek plastic palette with a vertical opening.  There is a total of 12 cream lipsticks ranging from pale nude shades, to brighter pink and red shades to match any mood.  They are so creamy and pigmented making it easy to blend and create your own shade.  Each lip color is also very hydrating and comfortable to wear.  Being very easy to build up, you can go from day to night easily.  This palette retails for $24.

It's Lip Time Lipstick Palette

It's Lip Time Swatches

I have been using these palettes for easy every day makeup looks, and some date nights out with my husband.   Judy definitely did an amazing job with these! High quality and gorgeous.

Did you pick up anything from this collaboration?  Tell me in a comment. 

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Tackling The Day Like A Boss With Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant

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Hi loves,

Today I have partnered up with Dove to bring you this post.  Dove is one of the top drugstore brands that I choose when it comes to body care.  I am going to share with you why I am trading my current deodorant for Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant.

expect more from dove

Most of you may know that I am a mom of three boys.  One nine year old, a year and a half year old, and our newest addition that is three months old.  Being a mom is a hard enough job, but it’s a bit more challenging when you have multiple children that are under three years old.  They always keep me on my toes, and constantly moving.

On top of being a full-time mom, I also run an online business, and have to tackle many errands and tasks throughout my day.  I depend on lot’s of coffee, and a good deodorant that is going to last me through anything, while keeping me fresh, and feeling dry.  That is why I choose to use Dove Advanced Care.

dove advanced care

Dove Advanced Care provides 48-hour protection not just from bad odor, but wetness as well, and even helps improve the appearance of your underarms by making them softer and smoother in as little as three days.  There is nothing better than a beauty product that multitasks.  I love knowing that I am using a product that is not only helping me stay fresh and confident through the day, but is also caring for my skin.


If you are a woman that suffers from dry skin in the winter months like myself, then you will also love this.  Formulated with Dove 1/4 moisturizers and NutriumMoisture, your underarms will never feel dry or itchy.  I also find that because my underarms are moisturized throughout the day for such long periods of time, that I get a closer shave, and  stopped having to shave them as often.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask the 9 out of 10 women who agreed that Dove Advanced Care made their underarms softer and smoother.


I am happy to say that from the time that I wake up, car pool, work out, and everything in-between, that I continue to feel fresh.  No other deodorant has ever held up like that for me, and that is why I am sticking with Dove.


I have already traded my current deodorant for Dove Advanced Care, will you?

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant.  All opinions are my own.  

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Formula 10.0.6 Be Berry Products Review



Hi loves,

Today I am talking some really yummy smelling skincare that launched from Formula 10.0.6 available at Ulta Beauty.  If you are not familiar with this brand, then you can read another review I posted on some of their original best sellers here.  They have come out with a new berry line that I have been adoring.  If you follow me on SnapChat, then you were the first to get a sneak peek at these products.  My SnapChat user name is melly_cakez.  Ok, let’s get started.

What products are in the line?

  • Be Berry Clear Illuminating Peel Mask
  • Be Berry Smooth Moisturizing Peel Mask
  • Be Berry Awake Energizing Peel Mask
  • Be Berry Bright Exfoliating Mud Mask
  • Be Berry Fresh Balancing Mud Mask
  • Be Berry Ready Daily Foaming Cleanser
  • Be Berry Sassy Exfoliating Face Scrub


These products are between $5-$7. Super affordable!

Below I will give a review of each product since I have used them all and I’ll leave a * next to the ones that I loved.

  • Be Berry Clear Illuminating Peel Mask:* $6.99 3.4 oz. This mask contains raspberry and acai which are packed with antioxidants and help minimize pores.  I am a huge fan of pore minimizing skincare products.  This mask is very easy to peel off to remove and you can just rinse away anything that is left behind.  I love how my skin looked after using this.  Bright and firm, but not tight.
  • Be Berry Smooth Moisturizing Peel Mask:  $6.99 3.4 oz.  Blueberry and pineapple are infusing this mask with some serious exfoliating, and detoxing amazingness.  Also very easy to remove.  The scent is addicting, and my skin was left softer and smoother.
  • Be Berry Awake Energizing Peel Mask:*  $6.99 3.4 oz.  I love using this mask on mornings when I need a pick me up.  Pomegranate energizes the skin, while yumberry, (yes that’s a real fruit lol) boosts circulation.
  • Be Berry Bright Exfoliating Mud Mask:*  $6.99 3.4 oz.  I love that this mask is a 3-in-1!  It acts as a wash, mask, and exfoliator.  Goji berry and green coffee beans exfoliate and reveal bright rejuvenated skin.
  • Be Berry Fresh Balancing Mud Mask:*  $6.99 3.4 oz.  Perfect for clogged pores.  (Mine tend to clog very easily even if I am not wearing makeup.)  Bilberry and neroli work together to balance and detox the skin of impurities.
  • Be Berry Ready Daily Foaming Cleanser:*  $6.99 3.4 oz.  Made with one of my favorite ingredients, coconut milk, this cleanser moisturizes your skin while blackberries detoxify.  My skin always felt hydrated and clean after each use.
  • Be Berry Sassy Exfoliating Face Scrub:*  $6.99 3.4 oz.  Cranberries and bamboo help to give a very deep clean with this scrub.  I found it to be gentle enough for everyday use, and loved how my skin looked afterward.


Each and every one of these facial products smell amazing, and are made with the best ingredients to give your skin the love, and results it deserves.

Have you tried any new skincare products from Formula 10.0.6?  Let me know in a comment. You can shop this post by clicking any of the links I have provided! 


Thanks for reading!

(IG: @primpandprimebeauty)

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