Maybelline The Nudes Palette Review

Hi Loves.  I’m sure if you have Instagram and follow beauty and makeup related pages then you know how excited everyone got when this palette came out.  I am a lover of nude shades and usually they are the first type of colors I tend to grab.  I read reviews on the palette both good and bad, but decided to just pick it up and see how it worked for myself.  I did see it at many Target and Ulta stores, but I picked mine up from Rite Aid which was having a 25% off the entire Maybelline collection sale. I got it for $8.00 but it was originally marked at $10.99.


 The packaging is good quality. It is easy to carry with you in your bag for touch-up’s and travel.  It did come with your typical cheap eyeshadow applicator but obviously you want to use a brush for better looking results and easier application and blending.


The palette comes with 12 shades.  6 shimmery shades and 6 matte shades. I will be honest and say that some shades are hit or miss.  I feel that with some shades I am applying color forever onto my lid and still not getting any color payoff.


To tie it up I really love Maybelline and buy their products very often.  This palette is still growing on me as I continue to use it and try new things to help out some of the colors. (One trick I find to work is putting some of the Maybelline clear brow gel on your lid and then packing the shimmery colors on with a flat shadow brush)  It’s a great drugstore product at a great price for the number of shadows you get.

I hope these reviews can help 🙂

❤ Melissa  (IG: @melly_cakez)


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