Sonia Kashuk Limited Ed. Brush Set

Hi loves. So let me start off by saying AMENNNNN.  These brushes are  I have a few brushes from her collection for Target and am in love with them all. high end quality at a much more affordable rate, and I mean who doesn’t love getting lost shopping all day at Target 🙂 Ok so once I saw these beauties on her Instagram I had to start the hunt for them.  They were literally sold out every time I went to Target.  I started to get over the hunt real quick lol but like 2 weeks later I saw them again and was like Girl the hunt is back on. Long story short I ended up getting the last set on the shelf at my local Target. 


These brushes are $40.00 for a set of 15 great quality award winning brushes.  Each brush has the perfect thickness, denseness, or fluffiness needed to pick up a good amount of product and apply and blend flawlessly and effortlessly.  A lot of people may be concerned whether they shed or not, but so far I have not had that problem and have even cleaned a few without a problem.

securedownload5These brushes are beyond well worth the price and picking up ASAP. Like seriously GO NOW lol I know they are very limited in supply though, and I saw them going for up to $100.00 on Amazon and Ebay posted by people that bought more than one set. That’s a little crazy in my opinion but hey some people might want to pay that. **(Here’s a tip to not waste your time hunting every Target around aimlessly hoping that you find these. Go to and type in the name of the brush set or just type Sonia Kashuk. Then you can click where it says pick up at store and type your location and it will give you a listing of which stores near you have it in stock, none left, or limited availability and then you can call and have it held at a register for you)

Thanks for reading 🙂

❤ Melissa (IG: melly_cakez)

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