NYX Cosmetics Color Correcting Concealer Palette Review

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Have you ever walked down the makeup aisle and thought to yourself why the hell would anyone put green, yellow, purple, or orange concealer on their face?  Yea me too!  Keep reading to finally find out and understand why.

Okay I’m back with yet another NYX Cosmetics review and product recommendation.  I absolutely love finding amazing drugstore products that are affordable,  and get the job done.

This color correcting palette does just that.  It hides, conceals, and evens out skin imperfections and discoloration that you may have.


I picked mine up at (take a lucky guess)… ULTA!  It was the last one on the shelf and I grabbed it for $12.  Www.nyxcosmetics.com also sells it for $12 plus tax and possible shipping costs.

This palette comes with 6 color correcting shades which are yellow, green, lavender, pink, light, and deep.


You get 0.032 oz of product in this palette, and will last a while.

The creams are a bit stiff to work with so I like to warm up the product with my finger first until it gets to a more creamy consistency,  then apply with a brush or beauty blender.  Warming up the product allows it to go on much more easily and smoothly.


Here is a little Color Correcting 101

Green: cancels out redness caused by blemishes, rosacea,  broken blood vessels, and under eye redness.
Pink: cancels out blue/green hues, hides raccoon eyes and also helps your eyes look brighter and well rested.
Yellow: cancels out purple/blue tones caused by dark under eyes, scars, and sun spots.  Evens out skin tone and has a brightening affect.
Orange: cancels out blueish hues on the skin.  This color is also great for dark under eyes.  I have seen a great tutorial using the nyx concealer in a jar on youtube by Carli Bybel.   If you want a great tutorial on how to achieve this I would definitely check out her video.
Light & Deep: these colors are great for just quick concealing or contouring of anything you want to highlight or hide.

Thank you so much for reading!

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