How To Get Summer Ready Feet

Hi dolls.

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For those who do not know me let me just tell you I am obsessed with keeping my skin smooth and soft no matter the area or time of year.

Summer is the season where we show the most skin and of course wear the cutest sandals and show off our bright color pedicures.  Nobody wants to look at and feel rough dry winter feet.

Here are 2 products that I picked up from Ulta that have been giving me the softest feet ever.


The brand Tree Hut has always been a favorite of mine but I had never tried the Epsom salts.  I love their body scrubs so I knew the salt would be amazing too.  I bought the Epsom salt in Key Lime which makes the water you are soaking your feet in smell amazing.  It reminds of of a tropical Island that you never want to leave.  I also picked up the Shea Sugar Scrub in Passion Fruit and Guava scent.  These scrubs are not too harsh but they are just enough to get the job done.


First I start off filling up the tub with warm water and throwing in 2 handfuls of the Epsom Salt.  This salt helps soothe tired muscles as well as help slough away dead skin that may accumulate on your heels etc.  I let my feet soak for 10 min and then use a foot file to get rid of any dead skin and then I soak them again for another 10 min.

After the second soak I then use the sugar scrub to scrub my feet and ankles.


When you are done with that half of the process you are going to dry your feet and then apply oil or lotion.  I choose to use both baby oil and then smooth in a body butter to ensure great lasting moisture. 

Another great help would be putting on thick socks afterwards and keeping them on for a while or even while you sleep.

I hope you all give this a try and let me know how you like it by tagging me on Instagram or using the hashtag #primpandprimebeauty.

Thank you for reading.
♡ Melissa

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