April Ipsy Glam Bag


Hi dolls.

Welcome back to my blog.

So I received my Glam bag yesterday and I’m actually disappointed!  I am usually really happy with the products I get but this time was a total FAIL.  I will always post honest reviews on my blog so I’m not going to lie and say that it was great.

This month’s theme was Beautifully Bohemian. 


I received a mini Nude Dude eyeshadow from The Balm Cosmetics which I’m ok with because it’s actually a shade I would wear and product I can use daily.  It is the shade Fit and is a pretty coppery color.  I also like the Crown brush oval concealer brush.  It is good for under eyes or spot covering.


The Julie nail color I got I really do not care for, as well as Pandora’s blush or Olive lips lip balm. 

The only other plus is the bag which I think is cute for summer time.

I feel like the quiz you take when signing up is crucial and should be paid attention to when they are putting your bag together because it is something that you are looking forward to and paying for.  Even if it is only $10 a month.


If you go to the website you are able to see all of the products that could have ended up in your bag, and let me tell ya if they were really going by my quiz my entire bag would be filled with other products that they offered this month.


I am probably going to give away the products I disliked so that are not wasted, but I definitely pass on this month’s bag.

Hopefully the May bag is better.

Let me know what you all got in yours and your feelings on the products.

Thank you for reading.
♡ Melissa

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