Maybelline Summer 2015 Collection

Hi dolls.

Welcome back to my blog.

I saw some sneak peeks of the Maybelline Summer line, an let me just say I CAN’T WAIT!

I love Maybelline makeup, and I find that they get better and better.

Let me take a moment to show you some of the line.


Who doesn’t like a long lasting foundation?   I’m a sucker for anything promising long lasting wear so I’m excited about this one. This Better Skin foundation, according to Maybelline it’s suppose to improve skin with each application.  Who can really complain about better skin while wearing makeup?   Definitely not me 🙂


Yes you are seeing correctly.  Our favorite Baby Lips lip balms are now available as Baby Lips moisturizing lip glosses!  I have gone through so many of the balms so these cute glosses definitely have to make their way home with me.  This packaging is super cute too ♡


These beauties are their Color Blur vivid matte lip pencils.  These would look great with a simple eye look for an amazing pop of color.


I’m a huge mascara junkie.  After all the higher the lashes the closer to God, right!?  Long, thick lashes totally complete any look.  This is the new Colossal Chaotic mascara with a breakthrough teaser brush for some serious volume.  As long as your lashes and hair have great volume you will light up any room 🙂


This Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Liner will definitely give you a bold pop of color with any look.  It will be available in 5 shades. 

These products will be available in June and it’s safe to say I will be stalking the drugstores until I have them all. 

Let me know what you want to pick up from this amazing line.

Thank you for reading.
♡ Melissa

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