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Hi dolls,

Welcome back to my blog.

Today I want to share with you a really positive challenge that you can take part in that will benefit the Earth.

Did you know you could waste up to 5 gallons of water just by washing up in the morning?  Crazy right?!

Every year the average American household wastes up to 10,000 gallons of water!


I know Earth month is April, but it really should be Earth Day every day.  One month really isn’t enough to save the planet that we live on.

You can go to the Wipe for Water website and make a pledge for how many days you want to take the challenge.  I pledged for a full week, and will continue on from there.  For each pledge Neutrogena Naturals will donate $1 to the Nature Conservancy to support the effort of water conservation.


These makeup removing wipes are about $8 for a pack of 25 wipes.  They are made from 100% renewable fiber, and take off even the most stubborn water-proof makeup.  They have a fresh scent, and really do remove all makeup.  I have only been needing one wipe to get the job done.


Join me, and clean your face without water to raise awareness.  Your post will be shared via Twitter, Facebook, and the Wipe for Water site.


I hope to see some of your pledges.  Let me know if you joined the challenge.

Thank you for reading 🙂

❤ Melissa.





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