Best Drugstore BB Creams for Acne/Oily Skin


Hi dolls.

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Do you have those days where you have to run errands but still feel like you need some skin coverage but do not want to wear a lot of makeup?  Me too!

Here are two products that I will apply to my face if I am stepping out quickly and want some light coverage.  One is Garnier BB Cream Skin Perfector daily anti-acne, and the other is Maybelline Dream Pure  BB Cream skin clearing perfector.


I have the Garnier BB Cream in the shade Medium/Deep.  I absolutely love this cream.  A little goes a long way, and for a BB Cream it gives the coverage of a foundation without the heavy feeling.  I apply this with a flat top brush and blend into areas that are uneven or have a blemish.  This product contains Salicylic Acid which helps treat acne and blemishes all day long.  I love makeup products that also help better your skin with each wear.  This cream costed me about $12 at Ulta, and is worth every penny. 


My Maybelline BB Cream  was my first ever BB Cream purchase.  It was only about $8.  I have the shade Medium, and Medium/Deep for the summer months.  This BB Cream also contains Salicylic Acid to help treat blemishes with each apllication.  I will say this is a great BB Cream as well but it does have a much more sheer coverage than the Garnier, and it has much less product. 


I do recommend both products because they are both great for different things.  If you like a more full natural coverage I would go with Garnier, and if you would rather have a much more sheer light coverage, then Maybelline is for you.  Both are great for oily/acne skin.

Thank you for reading.
♡ Melissa


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