Lorac Pro Contour Palette Review & Swatches

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Hi loves!

I’m back with such an exciting post about a new product that hasn’t even been released online or in stores yet!



I am a huge fan of Lorac Cosmetics, so when I saw the sneak peak of this new product to be released, I instantly set a reminder to myself for the release date so I can snatch it.  I was fortunate enough to get it as a pre-launch perk from of course my favorite store Ulta.  If you have been a Platinum member with them for six months they sent out an e-mail where you were able to purchase this product before it’s release date.  I’m a makeup junkie so of course I had become a Platinum member within like 3 months this year. (I have an addiction I know!)  So i couldn’t sit still while ordering this because I remembered I had $50 to use in reward points so I basically paid for shipping only which was $5.95! If that isn’t a steal then i don’t know what is.

This gorgeous palette retails for $45.00.  It will be available online on Ulta’s website June 14th, and available in their stores June 28th.


This palette comes with 3 highlight shades, and 3 contour shades for you to create looks like a pro with.

The highlight shades are:

  • Beige Highlight
  • Yellow Highlight
  • Shimmer Highlight

The Contour shades are:

  • Light Contour
  • Deep Contour
  • Medium Contour


Each shade has that amazing velvety, soft texture that applies beautifully to the skin.  The pigmentation of each shade is great also.  You can go for a soft non-harsh look, or a dramatic, defined look.

The packaging is to die for.  I love NARS packaging, and the Lorac packaging is very similar.  It just has a very luxurious feel and sleek look to it.  I love that it comes with a large mirror, and the magnetic open and close feature.


With this kit, you not only get the 6 colors, but you also receive their pro contour brush.  This brush is so soft, and is the perfect size and shape to help you achieve the perfect contour placement.  It makes blending the shades extremely easy for a gorgeous finish.  You can create a very defined line with this brush which makes your cheek bones look very chiseled and defined.  It also fits great in the temple area, jaw line, and forehead.


I hope this review was helpful 🙂 Make sure you set your reminders to purchase this palette when it comes out because it is beyond worth it.  This palette could seriously be the only one you would need for a while.

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