Maybelline Lip Studio Color Blur Review + Swatches

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Hi dolls!

Most of you know that I am very into the whole matte lip trend right now, as well as very vivid summer colors.


Maybelline has come out with new lipstick’s from their Lip Studio line that are just gorgeous.  These were very hard for me to find so I ended up ordering from Ulta online and was only able to get a few shades to show you.  Right now I believe they are buy 1 get one 50% off if you want to check that out.

They come in 10 different shades, and range from about $7-$9 depending on the store.

blur swatches

Each lipstick has a side that feels like an eraser.  This is the side that helps you to blur the color if you choose to, or help it give an ombré look if you want to mix colors.


To apply the lipstick all you have to do is twist the cap and you will see the color start moving up.  I did roll one all the up just to see how much product you get, and I was impressed, however be very gentle when applying because I was testing one out it broke very easily so I ended up wasting some product.


They are very creamy which gives flawless application, and do not feel or look drying on the lips.

I chose 3 shades, “Orange Ya Glad”, “Pink Insanity” and “Plum Please”.  I love how they look so far.  They give a good selection of vivid colors, and neutral colors for you to choose from.




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♡ Melissa


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