Bella Chic Glamour Squad Feature


 Hi Dolls,

Today I am here with a feature post.  Recently I have met such an amazing, humble, woman and want to share her and her business. 


Cynthia is the founder of Bella Chic, an amazing mobile glam service serving many clients. 

Below is a small interview where Cynthia explains why she started Bella Chic, and what the future holds for her and her amazing team.

“I started Bella Chic because I always knew I wanted to start a business in the beauty industry.  I become obsessed with makeup about a year and a half ago.  I was watching a YouTube video with Kim Kardashian about highlighting and contouring and it peaked my interested SO much that I decided to try how to highlight and contour on myself.  It took me a while, but I finally got it right!”  

“In the fall of 2014, I took a business management class where the final project was to design a business plan for a multi-million dollar company of our choice.  I choose to do Bella Chic Glamour Squad and automatically knew I had something special in my hand…not to mention I received an A on my project to solidify that thought.”  

“I started Bella Chick Glamour Squad because I no longer wanted to be the underdog, and I wanted to give the underdogs, like me, an opportunity to help me build a great company.”  

“Most of all the driven passion to succeed is mostly for my mom, my sister (who just moved to California for her dream job with DreamWorks), and my nephew, because he is my everything and I want to be able to give him everything.  I thrive on my team because without them Bella Chic would not be possible.  They are always welcome to give me feedback, ideas, and suggestions.  Bella Chic is a team effort and I am so excited for the many exciting things to come and the success it will bring.”


She is very inspirational and I think her passion is going to take her and her business very far.

You can follow the squad on Instagram @bellachic_glamour and show them your support.

Thank you for reading 🙂

♡ Melissa

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