My Haircare Routine Using Pura D’or Products

Pura D'or review

Hi loves!

Today I am going to be sharing my current haircare routine for curly hair using some new products I was sent to try out.

Pura D’or uses three principles when producing their products.

Premium: Use of organic extracts, vitamins, and nutrients.

Organic: Use of certified organic ingredients and organic bioactive to ensure purity and performance.

Solutions: Each product helps solve a hair or skin problem. (thinning hair, damaged hair, dry skin, etc.)

I was sent their Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo, Healing Conditioner, and Argan Oil.

Pura D'or Hair product review

The first thing I did was smell all of the products because I always want to put nice smelling things on my hair and body.

I really liked the vanilla floral fragrance the conditioner has, and the smell of the oil but, I wasn’t too happy with the scent of the shampoo.  It just reminded me of a medicine treatment.  I did however come up with a solution to that.  Simply wash with this first, then apply a regular shampoo of your choice, or follow by their conditioner and that masks the scent as well.  I am only saying this because my hair is extremely thick and holds on to scents for a long time.

Pura D'or Argan Oil

I have been using these products for two weeks and can feel a difference in my hair.  I tend to use a lot of heat on my hair from my flat iron and curling wand, so my ends were definitely dry and starting to split, and I was getting some breakage as well.  Another problem I began having was very dry scalp.  The conditioner and organ oil have done wonders for my hair already.

The conditioner makes my hair soft and easy to comb through, and the oil has helped moisturize my scalp and keep my hair maintainable without the help of hair gel or spray.  I just apply to damp hair and let it air dry and I’m good to go.  I love that the oil can also be used on your body to help keep you glowing, and moisturized.

Pura D'or Review

You can purchase these or any other of their products you may be interested in at  They also have a coupon code START20 for 20% off of your first purchase.

I definitely recommend the Healing Conditioner, and Argan Oil.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Melissa

  • Disclaimer: Products were sent to me to review.  This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.

8 thoughts on “My Haircare Routine Using Pura D’or Products

    • Primp and Prime Beauty says:

      That’s what I use literally everyday! I’m finally giving it a break and just treating it because I want it to stay long and healthy. This is definitely a great brand to check out. Let me know if you start using them.


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