VellaBox Candle Subscription Review


Hi loves!

Do you love coming home from a long day and just pour yourself a glass of wine and light some amazing smelling candles to relax?  This is one of my favorite ways to unwind.

I have been fortunate enough to tell you guys about an amazing candle subscription box.  The best part is there are three different levels you can choose from.

What is Vellabox?

Vellabox is a monthly subscription box delivering soy artisan candles to your home.  These candles are all natural, which I love about this company.

candle subscription box

What are the different plans of boxes?

  • The Standard: $10/mo.  You receive 4oz candle with an approx. burn time of 25 hrs.
  • The Aficionado:  $20/mo.  You receive 80z candle with an approx. burn time of 50 hrs. plus free shipping.
  • The Luxe:  $30/mo.  You receive 1-2 12 oz. candles with an approx. burn time of 75 hrs.

Each box ships on the 5th of each month.  You will be billed at time of sign up, but you can cancel your subscription at any time with no charge.

I love how these candles come.  The box is very vibrant and sturdy.  Once you open the box you see your candles wrapped neatly in a pretty patterned cloth, and tied closed.

Vellabox review

I was so happy when I saw what candles I received.  One was in the scent “Sweet Fig” which smells amazing, and was packaged in a mason jar (I have an obsession with mason jars) and “Rose Botanica” which smells like you were laying in a mountain of fresh rose petals.  Rose fragrances are one of my favorites.

candle delivery

You can smell each one perfectly even before you light them as soon as you remove the lids.

I couldn’t wait to start using these, so I placed them in the corner of my bath tub, poured in some bubbles, lit them, and just totally zoned out.  It was so relaxing to just lay there with my eyes closed and take in the fragrance.  They are so pretty to look at as well.

scented candles

Definitely a great choice if you are a candle lover, and like surprises.  These are a favorite in my home now.  My husband enjoys them as well.

Soy candles

So no matter what plan you go with, you are making a great choice.  You can get yours at

Thank you for reading!

❤ Melissa

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