Neutrogena Ultra Light Cleansing Oil Review

new neutrogena ultra light cleansing oil

Hi loves!

So I was scrolling though Instagram and came across a photo of a new oil cleanser that Neutrogena came out with.  What caught my eye was that it was an oil cleanser that goes on as an oil, but rinses away without any residue, or greasy feeling.

I have oily skin, and have read that you have to fight oil with oil if that makes any sense.  Basically you are tricking your skin into thinking it’s producing enough oil, so that it will stop producing so much.

I have tried washing my face with coconut oil, but I hate that it leaves my skin feeling so greasy afterward.

This facial cleanser has been the answer to my prayers.  I could not believe how it removed all of my makeup, and rinsed away leaving no greasy residue on my skin.

To apply, I take two pumps onto dry clean hands, then gently rub onto my face in circular motions.  My makeup literally melts away. Once you wet it, you will notice it turns white.  I don’t recommend this to remove mascara because it really didn’t take mine off.  After cleansing, I rinse with warm water to reveal fresh looking, moisturized skin.

I purchased this at Ulta for about $8.

I definitely will continue to repurchase this cleanser, and highly recommend for oily skin.  What works for my skin may not work for yours, but it is worth a try.

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Thanks for reading!

❤ Melissa

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