Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer Review

jergens wet skin moisturizer with coconut oil

Hi loves!

I love my showers, but as a mom it’s sometimes impossible to take a decent length one, and have time afterward to finish my shower routine.

I am a huge fan of products that help save time, and cut out unnecessary steps.

This Jergens moisturizer is a lifesaver.
In the morning, I have about ten minutes to spare on my shower.  I hop in, wash my body and my hair, and then just slather this all over my body without needing to waste time drying off and then applying lotion.

jergens wet skin moisturizer

It goes on smooth, and doesn’t feel greasy. Out of the three different choices, I have the one with refreshing coconut oil.  I love how it smells light, and fresh.  My skin is silky smooth after drying and I’m ready to just put on my clothes and continue my hectic morning.

I make sure to take a nice relaxing shower at night when my husband get’s home to take care of our boys, and that is when I can splurge on extra pampering time for myself.

Thanks for reading!
❤ Melissa

20 thoughts on “Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer Review

  1. gricelda sanchez says:

    This is so great right I was so excited to try this I got the one with the flowers I forgot the name of the scent bu it’s very light and just like you said us this moisturizer is a life saver my skin is super soft I love ❤ it….. I’m going to try this one you got 👌

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