Benefit Air Patrol BB Cream Eye Primer Review + Comparison

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 Benefit Air Patrol Eye Lid Primer

Hi loves,

Theres just something so promising about primers.  They are like the magic first step to looking flawless.  I never even knew about primers until I started watching YouTube in high school.  Ever since using my first one, I have become obsessed.  I love trying face, and eye primers in search of “The Holy Grail”.

For my eyes I usually use one from E.L.F. Cosmetics that only costs $1, or the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion.  I own many eye lid primers, but these are my favorites.

benefit cosmetics air patrol primer

I came across a video on Instagram of a mua using the new Benefit Air Patrol, and became intrigued.  She did a swatch with and without the primer, and the difference was just so amazing with the primer.

Though it was a splurge at $29 from Ulta Beauty, I figured it would last a while, and my eye makeup would always look magnificent as long as I had this applied to my lids.

Benefit Cosmetics is one of my favorite high end brands because the packaging is just to die for.  It is always so cute, and girly making me want to always have it displayed, and worn.

benefit air patrol eye primer packaging

This product by far has the cutest packaging.  The cap has wings, the colors look amazing against each other, the font is adorable, and I love that you just have to twist the end of it to release the product.  The most interesting part is the applicator.  It feels like the middle of a jelly bean, or gummy bear, and is said to be pressure free, and softer than your pinky.

benefit air patrol primer applicator

This product is said to “lock on eyeshadow”, “protect”, “hydrate”, and “color-correct”.

swatches with and without benefit air patrol primer

I feel like it does stand to all of these.  I haven’t felt too much hydration, but just enough to not dry out my eyes.

Definitely recommend this as a high end splurge product.

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