Lorac Mega Pro 2 Palette Review + Swatches and Giveaway

Lorac Mega Pro Palette 2 + Giveaway

Hi loves!

I was able to get one of the most anticipated palettes of the fall season before it even launched, thanks to me spending so much money at Ulta Beauty, and becoming a Platinum member within a few months. (I know, I have a problem! lol).  It is the Lorac Mega Pro Palette 2! I am so, so, so excited to have this, and guess what?! I bought two! So you can guess what that means.

This palette is an Ulta Beauty exclusive, and has a value of $205, but is selling for only $59.  You can place your order here.  Hopefully they have plenty still in stock.

Colors from Lorac Mega Pro 2

In this heavenly palette, you receive 32 eyeshadow shades.  16 matte, and 16 shimmery shades, all that are buttery and blend to perfection.  These can easily be used wet, or dry.  For vibrant application, and long wear, I would use Benefit Cosmetics Air Patrol Eye Primer as my first step.   As always the packaging has that NARS kind of feel to it which I absolutely love.

Lorac created this palette with the perfect balance of warm tones, and cool tones, making it easy to pair different shades together for endless looks.

colors from Lorac Mega Pro 2 Palette

Below are swatches in order from top row to bottom row going left to right.

Lorac mega pro 2 swatches

Lorac mega pro 2 swatches

Lorac mega pro 2 swatches

Lorac mega pro 2 swatches

I also have had a 5K Instagram giveaway still active on the Lorac Mega Pro 1, along with some other great goodies.  A lot of which were limited editions.  You can check out those rules and enter here.

Thanks so much for reading!

❤ Melissa

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56 thoughts on “Lorac Mega Pro 2 Palette Review + Swatches and Giveaway

  1. CaptionDaFashion says:

    Beautiful colors! The Forrest Green & Purple are GORGEOUS! Green and/or Purple eyeliner, eyeshadow enhances my eyes. Totally ❤ these colors! (covering my eyes) LoL
    As far as the giveaway…I did as requested except liking you on Facebook because I don’t have Facebook. Is this a must to enter the giveaway?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Scraps says:

    I just bought my first Lorac pallete (the Pro Contour) not too long ago and really love that buttery texture you mention. I’ll bet the eye shadows are just as fabulous and those colors all look great!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tina says:

    I also bought this palette on Platinum preorder because I thought it was going to sell out like last year’s Mega 1. Lorac was definitely better prepared this year and it is even still on shelf at my local Ulta. I still need to do my blog photos so I haven’t even swatched anything yet. I love the Lorac Pro formula.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. gricelda says:

    Another amazing Lorac pallet oh my gosh I’m drooling over these colorful shades I only wish I could get it. I cannot wait to see your tutorial on youtube using this pallet please love ❤ I have entered your giveaway on insta fingers crossed thank you 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Mistle says:

    I debated on if I wanted to purchase this palette or not. I have the first mega pro palette and love it. This palette just didn’t scream my name with the shades they have in it. I was expecting a little more of a fall palette like the first one. Seeing the swatches shows that they def have some great colors in there! I recently bought the Morphe 350 and can’t put it down!

    Liked by 1 person

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