Tangle Teezer review for girls with thick and curly hair

Say Bye-Bye To Tangles | Tangle Teezer Review

Tangle Teezer review for girls with thick and curly hair


Hi loves!

How many of you use to run away from the hair brush when you were little?  I know I did, and up until now, I have always hated combing, or brushing out my hair.

I naturally have very thick, curly hair, that tangles extremely easily.  Just a small gust of wind in the wrong direction can cause it to get knotted up.  I tested out this amazing product that I am about to share with you in the worst of conditions, and in every way that I style my hair.  Curly & wet, curly & dry, straight, and after waking up after sleeping with it out.  This product is a game changer, and I can happily say that I highly recommend them.

Here is a video I posted to my YouTube Channel with my detailed thoughts.  Below are the different brushes that they have to offer.


The Original

  • Perfect for wet or dry hair
  • Lovely variety of vibrant colors



Salon Elite

  • Adds gorgeous shine
  • Fits perfects in the palm of your hand



Magic Flower Pot

  • Super adorable for small children
  • Makes detangling more fun & enjoyable
  • Easy storage



Thick & Curly

  • Created for thick, curly, and afro textured hair
  • Glides through the toughest tangles easily with it’s special designed bristles



Aqua Splash

  • Hollow center makes it super easy to hold with wet hands
  • Less hair fall out = Less shower clean up
  • Ideal for detangling soaking wet hair in the shower



Compact Styler

  • Easy to keep clean in your bag with the bottom snap on case it comes with
  • Small & lightweight to keep in your bag for perfect hair on the go



Blow Styling Tools

  • Safe to use with heat styling tools such as blow dryers
  • Leaves a smooth, shiny finish


There is such an amazing variety of patterns, colors, and styles for everyone to find the perfect Tangle Teezer for themselves.  What are you waiting for!? Get fabulous hair NOW and order yours here.

Thanks for reading 🙂

❤ Melissa

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Disclaimer: Products were sent in exchange for review.  This post was NOT sponsored.  All opinions are my own.  I would not recommend anything to my lovely supporters that I truly did not like, or would not personally use.

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