Fix Split Ends Without Cutting Your Hair

How To Fix Split Ends Without Scissors


Hi loves!

Today I am talking about our hair’s #1 enemy besides humidity.  You guessed it, split ends.

Split ends are annoying to try to deal with because they slow down the process of growing out your hair, it makes the hair look unhealthy, and they require cutting which nobody usually wants to do.

Split ends occur when the internal structure of the hair becomes exposed it then get’s weak, dry, and damaged causing it to split at the ends.

I’m going to introduce you to a hair product that not only mends split ends, but also helps to strengthen your hair.  As well as give you some tips and tricks to help prevent getting split ends in the future.

This amazing product is called The Cure 24/7 Serum, by White Sands.  It is a serum that can be applied to wet, or dry hair.

The Cure 24/7 Review

When applying to dry hair brush out hair gently, and apply an even layer of serum to the ends of your hair, and style as you normally would.

When applying to wet hair, do your normal shampoo routine, comb hair with a wide tooth comb, gently towel dry, and apply serum to your hair, run comb through again to evenly distribute the hair product.

I love this product because you see results almost instantly.  It adds amazing shine as well, and when ironing my hair, it looks like salon quality for a fraction of the price.

White Sands Hair Care has so many other amazing products that you should not miss out on.

Here are some other tips and tricks to keeping your hair split end free:

  • Use a wide tooth comb while hair is still wet to get rid of any tangles, and distribute product evenly through hair.
  • Give your hair a break from heated styling tools such as curling wands, blow dryers, and flat irons.
  • Do not dye hair too frequently.  The harsh chemicals will damage and weaken your hair after a while.
  • Take vitamins containing biotin or a biotin supplement.  (Always ask your doctor before taking any supplements)
  • Use hair masks, deep conditioners, and leave in conditioners regularly.
  • Sometimes I rub a small amount of Vaseline to the ends of my hair before bed, and see a major difference too!

I am so happy there is a quick fix to split ends with this product, and I love not having to take out the scissors to fix them.

How do you deal with your split ends?  Is this a product you would want to try?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Melissa

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