Top 6 Reasons You Should Use A Dead Sea Mud Mask | Grace & Stella Dead Sea Mud Mask

Top 6 Dead Sea Mud Mask Benefits


Hi loves!

We all know my love for face masks is real.  I love all kinds of face masks.  Peel off masks, sheet masks, mud masks, clay masks, caffeine masks, bubble masks, charcoal masks, bamboo masks, eye masks, lip masks, you name it, I use it.

Today’s post is all about a dead sea mud mask that will make your skin feel new.  The mud mask I am talking about is the Dead Sea Mud Mask by Grace And Stella.  What’s even better is that it is all natural.  I also have a coupon code PRIMPANDPRIME20 to use on their site at checkout.

Dead Sea Mud Mask

I love using this mask at night after I shower because the steam opens up my pores really allowing the mask to get deep down into my skin.  You receive 7 oz of product in a cute  mason jar.  I think the packaging is a total plus.  It is easy to open as well as seal to keep the product from drying out.  It also feels like a very high quality, sturdy plastic which prevents it from shattering in case you drop it.

Grace and Stella Dead Sea Mud Mask

To apply,  I use the little spatula that it comes with to place a thick layer around my face.  I then grab a magazine and let it sit for about 10 minutes.  To remove, I use circular motions to start taking it off, which also aids in exfoliating, and then I rinse completely with warm water.

Benefits Of A Dead Sea Mud Mask

After drying my skin, I noticed that it felt incredibly soft.  I have not noticed any irritation or over drying.  With any skincare that you are trying, you should always do a patch test.

I have acne prone skin, and love that after using this mask some blemishes that I had completely dried out and went away.  I also noticed a decrease in oil from my t-zone area.

The top 6 benefits of this dead sea mud mask are:

  1. Reduces/Eliminates acne, and acne scarring
  2. Minimizes and blurs the appearance of large pores
  3. Removes toxins
  4. Reduces appearance of cellulite
  5. Improves elasticity
  6. Remove signs of aging

Keep this mask as part of your skincare regimen and you will see great improvements in your skin.

My friends at Grace & Stella were kind enough to offer me a coupon code to give my awesome supporters to use at checkout on their website.   PRIMPANDPRIME20 will save you 20% off of your purchase! Supplies run out quickly so make sure you hurry and fill up your cart 🙂

Dead Sea Mud Mask

Thanks for reading 🙂

❤ Melissa

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