Formula 10.0.6 Face Masks Review

Formula 10.0.6. Face Product Review

Hi loves!

Today I am talking about a few different face masks from Formula 10.0.6.  I like to take my time while testing new skincare products and have been using these long enough to know they are worth sharing.

You can find them at Ulta, or here on their website.  I was sent 7 products to test out.  Their So Totally Clean Anti-Blemish Pads, Get Your Glow On Skin Brightening Peel Mask, Three Times Sublime 3-In-1 Blackhead Scrub, Keep Your Cool Skin-Calming Gel Mask, Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask, Pores Be Pure Skin Clarifying Mud Mask, and Best Face Forward Daily Foaming Cleanser.

Formula 10.0.6 Mask Reviews

Below  will give you a breakdown of each product and why I love them.

  • Their So Totally Clean Anti-Blemish Pads– These anti-blemish pads come 90 per jar and are soaked in Salicylic Acid which is amazing at treating blemishes.  I use these after coming in from sweating to help exfoliate any pore clogging oils from sweating.  These are also great for keeping my skin matte, and drying out any blemishes I may have.  These can be a bit strong for my sensitive skin if used too excessively, so I use them only a few times a week.  These retail for $6.99.
  • Pores Be Pure Skin Clarifying Mud Mask–  Refines and clears your pores with refreshing strawberry and rosemary, and yarrow clarifies skin.  I love mud masks, and this refreshing scent of strawberry is a total plus.  I love how smooth and “new” looking my skin looks after this mask.  You receive 3.4 fl oz for $6.99.
  • Get Your Glow On Skin Brightening Peel Mask–  This mask is my FAVORITE.  I even featured it here.  First of all it smells delicious!  It contains papaya and citrus but I can only honestly smell the papaya.  Papaya and citrus both have brightening properties and there are many benefits to both.  I like to apply this mask once a week after my skin has been through quite a lot.  I lather it on, and just close my eyes for a few until it dries, and then have fun peeling it away.  Afterwards I am rewarded with fresh, radiant skin.  You receive 3.4 fl oz for $6.99.
  • Three Times Sublime 3-in-1 Blackhead Scrub–  Containing pink grapefruit and jojoba this mask acts as a wash, scrub, and mask all at once.  Grapefruit helps cleanse, jojoba exfoliates, helping to eliminate blackheads and blemishes.  This scrub isn’t too rough for daily use, and always keeps the skin looking new and smooth.  Retails for $6.99 for 3.4 fl oz.
  • Deep Down Detox Ultra Cleansing Mud Mask–  Ahhh yes another mud mask!  This mask contains orange, sea salt and bergamot.  These ingredients energize, balance and cleanse the skin.  Skin is left velvety soft after rinsing.  This retails for $6.99.
  • Best Face Forward Daily Foaming Cleanser–  This cleanser is amongst my many favorites.  The amazing blend of passionfruit, chamomile and green tea clear away oils and balance the skin in a calming foaming gel formula.  These ingredients are my favorite combination in my skincare products.  I feel they are the most calming blend.  This cleanser is great for sensitive skin.  Retails for $5.99 and receive 5 fl oz.
  • Keep Your Cool Skin-Calming Gel Mask–  For skin that’s cool, calm and under control this is the mask for you.  Coconut, and cucumber help to soothe and calm blemishes and irritated skin.  I love how cool and refreshed my skin is left feeling. For $6.99 you get 3.4 fl oz.

Formula 10.0.6 Face Masks

Formula 10.0.6. is such an amazing and affordable skincare company.  I highly recommend each of these products and can’t wait to try some of the others that are new to me.

Best Affordable Face Masks

Which mask are you interested in?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Melissa (IG: @melly_cakez)

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