Save Big On Microdermabrasion With Crystal Smooth At Home Treatments

Save big with microdermabrasion at home


Hi loves!

How many of you would love to get some of these fancy spa facials and treatments done, but don’t really have the extra funds to try it?  I have good news! Now you can do it right at home.

Crystal Smooth Microdermabrasion System Review

The Crystal Smooth Microdermabrasion system has helped my skin in a few ways.

  1. Revealed smoother skin.
  2. Lessened the appearance of some dark blemish marks.
  3. Unclogged large pores.
  4. Allowed certain skincare products to get deeper into the skin.

Smooth your skin

This system comes with three different heads which I found to be very helpful.  There is Sensitive, Mild, and Moderate.  Each of these are also sold as separate replacements in packs of 4 for when you run out.

What’s better is that this product won’t die in the middle of  a treatment because the batteries or charge ran out.  This is totally manual allowing you to customize the best technique for your skin.  No batteries or charging devices needed.

Sensitive Head Crystal Smooth

My preferred choice was the Moderate head, once a week.  For best results I used the device on totally dry skin in circular motions mostly concentrating where my pores are larger (T-Zone area in my case), and avoided my eye area which is most sensitive.  Some redness does occur, but it is totally normal.  You want to use a light-medium pressure while moving around in circular motions to avoid damaging the skin by pressing too hard.  After 5 minutes, which is really all you need, I rinse with warm water and apply toner followed by moisturizer or serum of my choice for that day.

At Home Spa Treatments

After just those few minutes, my skin feels brand new.  I absolutely love what this system does for my skin.  I have used a lot of the electronic brush systems, and such but those would end up breaking me out for some reason.

Do you like at-home beauty treatments?  Would you give this a try?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Melissa (IG: @melly_cakez)

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