Bring The Benefits Of The Sea To You With OZ Naturals Sea Infused Herbal Moisturizer


Hi loves!

Today I am going to be reviewing a new moisturizer that I have been trying out for a while now.  I think testing out skincare for a decent amount of time before posting a review is important.  I want to be sure that I am giving my complete honest opinion knowing that I’ve tried it out long enough for any issues to occur if any.

This OZ Naturals Sea Infused Herbal Moisturizer works great with my acne prone skin.  I tend to get dryness around the outer areas of my face, but my t-zone is extremely oily.

OZ Naturals Skincare Products

It contains ingredients that work together to help fight aging like Vitamin C, Blueberry Extract, and Algae Keratin.  These ingredients help to repair skin cell damage, and stimulate healthy collagen production.

Other ingredients include:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Giant Sea Kelp Extract

You receive 4 fl. oz. per tube, for $24.19.  The ingredients give this face moisturizer a natural tan tint, and does not have a strong fragrance.  I really enjoy it’s light weight feeling on the skin, and thin consistency.


I prefer using this in the evening when my skin has time to absorb it better without applying any makeup over it.  My skin has less dark spots, and is softer when I wake up first thing in the morning after using this.

Another huge plus is that they are cruelty-free.

Have you tried any products from OZ Naturals?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Melissa (IG: @melly_cakez)

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