Wet N Wild Limited Edition Fall Collection 2016 | Review + Swatches


Hi loves!

I am so excited for Fall!  Not only for the weather and of course pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING, but also for the gorgeous new deep colored makeup that comes out.

While on Instagram one day, I saw that they had an amazing fall bundle deal going on.  It came with the entire Fall 2016 collection, along with the almost impossible to get your hands on highlighters that are the biggest and most affordable rave on the internet at the moment.  The total cost was $29+ FREE shipping. Um, I’m not going to question or argue about that, so I reached for my card and ordered ASAP.  The site was down for a while because everyone wanted that deal, but eventually I got it.


This collection has four beautifully color tinted mascaras, four new matte lipsticks, two eyeshadow trios, and the two highlights as a bonus.

Trios, Trios, Trios.  These eyeshadow trio palettes are the most gorgeous shades.  “Velour Vixen” has deep maroon shades perfect for Fall, and “Plaid To The Bone” Has gorgeous metallic navy and copper shades.  Separately these palettes are $2.99.  The one complaint that I have about these is the lack of pigmentation with the crease colors.  I needed to really get in there for the color to pick up properly.  The brow bone, and lid shades are magnificent though.



“Plaid To The Bone”


“Velour Vixen”

Mascara is my best friend.  Even when I have nothing on but mascara, I feel like I look put together.  Lashes are life since I rarely use falsies.  I’ve only recently gotten on the tinted mascara wagon because I usually stick to the darkest black ones.  Tinted mascaras are very complimenting for different eye colors also which make your eyes look better and stand out even more.  These four color icon colored mascaras are $2.99 each.  The shades are “Unbreakable Bronze”, “Green As A Thistle”, “Sapphire Night Live”, and “Glamethyst Rock”.  My two favorites are “Glamethyst Rock” because the purple is stunning on brown eyes, and “Green As A Thistle” because the make my eyes look a lighter brown shade in the light.



Now let’s talk Matte.  These liquid lipsticks are great, and you can’t beat the perfect color variety they come in.  These are $2.99 as well.  You can choose from “Take It Like A Vamp”, “Don’t Be A Plum Plum”, “How Fleek Is Your Love”, and “Too Tulip To Quit”.  My favorites are “Take It Like A Vamp” and “Too Tulip To Quit”.



T-B: “Take It Like A Vamp” “Too Tulip To Quit” “How Fleek Is Your Love” “Don’t Be A Plum Plum”

Lastly are the Mega Glow Highlighting Powders.  These are $3.99.  The glow is beautiful, and natural.  I love that it’s not ridiculously glittery looking, and the powdery texture makes it really easy to apply and blend.  The two shades that they come in are “Precious Petals” and “Crown Of My Canopy”.  I enjoying mixing both shades together for the ultimate BLING highlight.


I do plan on doing a few fall makeup tutorials on my YouTube Channel using thee products, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out.

Do you love fall makeup trends?  What are you picking up from this collection?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Melissa (IG: @melly_cakez)

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