Best Mascara Combination For Long Lashes | Layering 101 With Pixi Beauty



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How many of you love long lashes?  I am always trying to get my lashes to reach new lengths, and feel that if my lashes look good, then I look and feel good.  Something about it just makes me feel like I look more put together whether I have on other makeup or just the mascara and some lip gloss.

Pix Beauty Insider

Pixi Beauty has recently sent me their line of four layering mascaras.  I tested them out on my SnapChat (melly_cakez), and was extremely impressed.  I usually load on a few different mascaras, but Pixi has come up with the perfect system of different steps of mascara in order to receive the best lashes.


Order of Mascaras:

  1. Black Laquer Lash Primer:  This primer is a total game changer.  I love that it is tinted black instead of the usual white that we see a lot of.  This step alone preps lashes for maximum volume.  Retails for $15.
  2. Lash Booster Mascara:  This booster has a blue tint to it and is a water-proof formula.  The wand is made to push lashes up. Retails for $15
  3. Lengthy Fiber Mascara:  This mascara may look a little scary at first.  It reminded me of getting pieces of a cotton ball stuck around the wand.  That is actually fibers that help lengthen yours by attaching to your real lashes.  Leaves lashes with a feathered effect.  Retails for $16.
  4. Lower Lash Mascara:  This mascara allows you to get super close to your waterline without getting black mascara all over the place.  I love how small the comb is on the wand because it really helps separate each lash allowing them to become super long.  Retails for $11.  


This lash system has been working like a dream for me since I got them!  I even put aside my holy grail Maybelline LashSensational and L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascaras dream team of mine.


If I had to only recommend one or two of these for you, I would definitely say to pick up the Black Laquer Lash Primer and Lengthy Fiber Mascara.  I’ve used just these two alone, and they give a good balance of volume and length.


Will you be mascara layering?  Which ones do you want to try?

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