Chella Beauty Dazzling Dark Brown Eyebrow Kit Review | Before + After


Hi loves,

Everyone know brows are the new black, and I am always on the search for a new brow perfecting product to fit into my routine.

My eyebrows have definitely been through the over tweezing and threading phase that occurred through my high school days, and I am definitely regretting and paying for it now.  Though my brows aren’t terrible, they are sparse in a few areas, and take a very long time to go out to be able to re-shape them.


The growing out process is probably one of the most dreaded tasks I have ever endured.  Trying to cover the hairs that are totally out of place, and trying to give them some kind of decent shape in the meantime is a job in itself.  Luckily, I was introduced to Chella Beauty.


I couldn’t have received this kit at a better time! I had been using the L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer and had run out and could never seem to ever make it to the store while my shade was in stock. About a week later, I was sent this Dazzling Dark Brown Eyebrow Color Kit to try out for review.

The eyebrow kit includes:

  1. Mechanical precision eyebrow color pencil in the shade of your choice.
  2. Highlighter Pencil.
  3. Essential Eyebrow Defining Gel.
  4. Dual Size Pencil Sharpener.


I had posted a picture on Instagram of the kit that I had received, and was so pleased to see how many people own, use, and love Chella Beauty products.  I had the most positive comments about their Highlighter Pencil.

My thoughts:

  • Mechanical Precision Eyebrow Color “Dazzling Dark Brown”:  Available in 6 shades, and can be purchased separately for $18.  I love this pencil better than the ABH Brow Wiz.  If I am going to splurge on an eyebrow pencil again it would definitely be this one.  It is very thin, and precise, allowing the strokes to look like natural brow hairs.  At first I thought the shade was a bit too light but with just a little harder pressure it’s perfect.  I love how easy it is to create whatever shape you want your brow.  The product itself is very creamy and easy to smudge with a spoolie to really give a natural look.


  • Eyebrow Highlighter Pencil “Ivory Lace:  Available in 4 shades, and retails for $18.  This highlight does not contain any shimmer.  It is totally matte to give a very clean, and uplifted look to your brows.  I was so happy to feel how creamy it was and easy to apply.  I like to take a small angled eyeliner brush and just scrape it along the product and carefully trace my brow shape to help clean it up.  I always drag some down where my arch is to help brighten and lift the area. The pencil sharpener supplied in the kit makes it easy to reveal more product.


  • Eyebrow Defining Gel:  Available in clear, and retails for $18.  This eyebrow gel holds any straggling stubborn hairs in place all day.  You do not need a lot of product to accomplish neat looking brows.  I love the comb applicator of this product.  It separates the hairs perfectly to distribute the gel evenly.


  • Dual Size Pencil Sharpener:  Retails for $5.  This is the perfect tool to help keep all of your pencil products at their best.  You can easily create a round tip, or a more sharp pointed tip, and it is easy to clean out ensuring all pencils to look clean no matter what shade it is.  Your pencils will always be ON POINT!  

What products do you use on your eyebrows?  Do you own any of these products?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Melissa (IG: @primpandprimebeauty)

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Disclaimer:  Products were sent for reviewing purposes.  This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are 100% my own.  

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