Osmosis Colour Mineral Cosmetics Lip Gloss Collection Review



Hi loves,

Matte lips have been the new beauty wave for a while, and lets face it, we kind of kicked lip glosses to the curb.  It wasn’t until wearing these glosses that I realized how much I love and missed wearing a glossy lip.  Today I am sharing with you a few from Osmosis that I have been loving.


This collection of lip glosses comes in a variety of 6 different shades.

  1. “Aura”
  2. “Bare”
  3. “Berry Frost”
  4. “Cinnamon Kiss”
  5. “Lilac”
  6. “Pink Sapphire”

Each gloss retails for $19, and you receive 0.2 oz of product.


When you start to apply the gloss, you get a slight smell of berries which is amazing because I am obsessed with fruity smelling products.  The color payoff is great too!  I chose the shades “Bare”, “Berry Frost”, and “Lilac” to test out and loved each one.  The great thing about these glosses are being able to mix them to create a color of your desire.  I really liked mixing “Bare” and “Lilac”, as well as wearing “Lilac” on its own.

Each gloss is very creamy, and not sticky (unless you pile on a lot of product), and contains 3D pigments which allow your lips to appear fuller and more plumped.  I’m not talking about Kylie Jenner plump lol, but naturally plump.  For an added effect, you can apply your choice of highlighter to the center of your lips to give the illusion of an even fuller lip.


The ingredients in these glosses are amazing!  Jojoba and sunflower oils hydrate and nourish, making dry cracked lips nice and smooth.  Antioxidants aid in firmness and elasticity as well as anti-aging.  Another positive note is that these are gluten-free, and oncology friendly.

The most important thing I want to mention about these plumping lip glosses is that they do NOT sting or burn.  I have tried so many lip plumpers that have made my lips feel like they were on fire, with an unbearable stinging feeling, but I am so happy that these do not, at least on my lips.

Here are some swatches of the shades that I chose:




“Berry Frost”



Do you enjoy lip plumpers? Which shades would you wear?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Melissa (IG @primpandprimebeauty)

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