Makeup Revolution Precision Pro Contour & Eye Oval Brush Sets | Artis Oval Brush Dupes



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Would you think I’m crazy if I told you to ditch that damp beauty sponge you are probably using, and get yourself a set of oval makeup brushes instead?  Probably!  I am serious though!  Social media, and a lot of beauty guru’s have glorified beauty sponges, and have made it seem like these are the only tools for amazing makeup application.  Well, I have come across some brushes that I reach for way more than any makeup sponges I own.

These brushes are from Makeup Revolution USA, and are called their Precision Contour Set, as well as their Precision Eye Set.  They are amazing dupes for the extremely expensive Artis brushes, and will probably replace most of the brushes you currently use.  These were designed to master the art of makeup.  They have flexible handles which make it very easy to get around any area of the face and eyes.  Each brush is made with the finest synthetic hair making each brush soft for creating flawless, airbrushed coverage.  Below I will list the details about each set separately.


Precision Contour Set (Oval Face Brushes):

  • Retails for $30

This set includes:

  1. Pro Precision Brush Oval FaceThis brush is perfect for applying foundation.  I found that it applies the product very smoothly and blends out very quickly.  I have tried this brush with foundation textures that were very thick and full coverage, as well as products as light as a BB cream, and more on the liquid side, and they each applied very well with this brush.  I had no problems with streaks, and the part I found most amazing was that it didn’t absorb the product.  When I use a damp sponge, I notice that there is more product soaked into the sponge rather than on my face.
  2. Pro Precision Brush Oval Cheek:  This worked best for carving out your cheek bone for a nicely defined contour.  It applies cream contour, bronzer, and blush very well.
  3. Pro Precision Brush Oval Shape:  This unique brush is perfect for blending out concealer, and your nose contour.

Precision Eye Set:

  • Retails for $22

This set includes:

  1. Pro Precision Round Blending Eye Brush:  This brush blended out both powder and cream eyeshadow.  I really liked using it to blend out my primer.  It fits great in the crease and on the lid.
  2. Pro Precision Eyeliner Brush:  It’s long, thin shape allows liquid, and gel liner to be applied with ease.  It was so easy to create a wing which I usually struggle with.  I even played around with this brush to contour my nose, and it worked well for that also.
  3. Pro Precision Oval Eye Brush:  I loved using this to apply my inner corner highlight, and to blend out the bottom lash line.


Let’s not forget about their gorgeous rose gold color.  They look absolutely beautiful when displayed on a desk or vanity.  I also appreciated that the package that they come in had a label for what each brush is for listed right under it, instead of leaving you guessing where to properly use it.


Don’t worry so much as to what each brush is suppose to be used for.  You can try them in different areas and realize they work well for things other than what they are originally for.

These sets are very impressive, and made with quality.  I have yet to experience any shedding, and they have been washed several times.

Do you own any oval brushes?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Melissa (IG: @primpandprimebeauty)

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Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for reviewing purposes.  This is NOT a sponsored post.  All opinions are 100% my own.


7 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Precision Pro Contour & Eye Oval Brush Sets | Artis Oval Brush Dupes

  1. Marielli_ says:

    These look amazing I currently use a beauty blender Dupe I found on Amazon for $3 and it works great I feel like dupes can more helpful especially for those who can’t afford such high end brushes or makeup in general 😊❤

    Liked by 1 person

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