VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask Review | Remove Dark Circles



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How many of you suffer from lack of sleep?  I know I sure do.  You may lack sleep for many different reasons, but in most cases the effects are all the same.  Some of us may get dark circles, under eye bags, puffiness, a combination of these or for others you may not get any physical sign of being sleepy.  No matter what the case is, I am sure you would love a solution.  Well today’s post will help you.


You all know I live for a good mask.  Lately, eye masks/patches have been a regular part of my skincare routine.  Some that I have been trying out and liking are from VII Code.  Their O2M Oxygen Eye Masks have been keeping my eyes refreshed, and awake.

You will received a box with 6 eye treatments.  The recommended usage is 2 to 3 times a week.  I used them twice a week and noticed that my eyes didn’t look so low and tired.  I do not suffer from bad dark circles, so I can not say that I saw much difference with that.


These eye masks have a cooling gel material unlike any ones that I have used.  They are very cooling and comfortable.  You can wear them for up to 8 hours, and that includes being able to sleep with them.  Any eye mask that I have used has a recommended time for up to 45 minutes, and then to remove and dispose, so these are great if you need longer relief.


I love wearing them while I am working on the computer in the morning, right before bed, and before applying makeup.


These have been very enjoyable, and they are definitely worth a try.


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