Hask Coconut Milk & Organic Honey Curl Care Collection Review


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Hi loves,

Today I am talking about one of the many new product launches that I will be reviewing from Hask Beauty.  They have recently come out with some amazing new hair products and collections that have caught my attention for sure.

The first collection I am going to share with you is their Coconut Milk & Organic Honey for curls.  This collection includes a shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioner pack.


Hask Coconut Milk & Organic Honey Curl Care Products

The shampoo and conditioner retail for $5.99 each, and you receive 12 fl. oz. of product.  I go through hair products like crazy, so this is a perfect amount of product for me.  The deep conditioner pack retails for $1.99, and you receive 1.75 oz.

Below I will be sharing my thoughts and experience with each product.


  • Coconut & Organic Honey Shampoo:  This shampoo made my hair feel amazing! The coconut milk helps to hydrate and the honey is for nourishing.  It  also has memory curl complex allowing curls to bounce and have definition.  Whenever I look for a shampoo I look for ones that are not going to strip away all of my natural oils.  I have to say that this shampoo did not.  It left my hair feeling manageable, clean, and soft.  What really made me fall in love with it is the scent of butterscotch that it reminds me of. YUM!
  • Coconut & Organic Honey Conditioner:  I love the consistency of this conditioner.  It’s not too thick, but just right.  I work this product from the ends up and then combed through my hair while wet.  It made detangling very easy.  This conditioner also had that same butterscotch scent which is amazing.  My hair felt hydrated, not weighed down, and less frizzy.
  • Coconut & Organic Honey Deep Conditioner:  Hask has some of my favorite deep conditioning treatments.  I love that even with very long hair, there is enough product to cover all of it.  I enjoy applying these to damp hair, which I then work through with my fingers.  It is recommended to let it sit in your hair for 10 minutes, but I leave mine on for 25 and apply the blow dryer to really open up the follicles and let the product work even deeper.  After rinsing out this amazing product, my hair feels like new.  It is bouncy, frizz free, soft, and super shiny.

Hask Coconut Milk & Organic Honey Deep Conditioner Packs


Hask Coconut Milk & Organic Honey Shampoo, Conditioner, and Deep Conditioner



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Each of these hair products deliver amazing results.  This is another collection from Hask that I love.  I hope that you give it a try whether your hair is wavy, curly, or just in need of hydration and nourishing!

Thanks for reading!

❤ Melissa (IG @primpandprimebeauty)

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Disclaimer:  This is NOT a sponsored post.  Some links above are affiliate links and I will make a small commission if you choose to click them and make a purchase.  I would never recommend products that I did not love or stand by 100%.  All opinions are my own.  

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