Nyakio Skincare Product Review

Nyakio Beauty Review


Hi loves!

Today I am sharing a fabulous skincare brand that is very new to me.  I have been testing these products out for quite some time, and could not be more pleased with the results. The brand I will be mentioning is called Nyakio.

Nyakio, pronounced NEH-KAY-OH, means hardworking woman in the sunshine.

This brand uses amazing ingredients that can be found in countries such as Kenya, China, Brazil, Spain, Egypt, India, Morocco, and Peru.

There are 16 products total from this skincare line to choose from, and you can find products that cleanse, exfoliate, restore, moisturize, or treat your skin.

Products Tested:

  • African Purifying Black Soap Mud Mask $35
  • Kenyan Coffee Face Polish $32
  • Kenyan Coffee Lip Polish $24
  • Chamomile Sleep Mask $35
  • Red Ginseng Smoothing Eye & Lip Cream $39
  • Sweet Almond Cleansing Balm $28

Each product can be found at select Ulta stores, as well as Ulta Beauty online.

Let’s start out with cleansing.  I have mentioned on my Instagram that I have been really loving oil cleansers and balms even though my skin is oily.  It actually keeps my oil under control. The Nyakio Sweet Almond Cleansing Balm is fabulous. It smells amazing and literally melts the makeup and dirt off of my face.  I did not feel the need to use a cleanser afterwards, but I did wipe any excess off with a towel.

After cleansing/removing any makeup I have on I exfoliate my skin.  I have large pores that clog easily, so I find that I need to exfoliate more often than others in order to keep them clear, and help minimize them.  The Nyakio Kenyan Coffee Face Polish works wonders for me. It’s not like your typical harsh scrub.  It is the perfect texture and it felt like I was rolling dead skin off of my face.  I love how smooth it leaves my skin without needing to be super harsh.


To exfoliate my lips I use the Nyakio Kenyan Coffee Lip Polish.  This lip scrub comes in a tube making it super sanitary, instead of needing to dip your finger into it to grab the product.  The applicator is also great for massaging the scrub around.  My lips are left smooth and plump afterwards.


Next up is my favorite part! Applying a face mask.  As you know I am obsessed with all types of face masks for many different reasons.  This particular one is great for detoxing and treating the skin. The Nyakio African Black Soap Mud Mask truly helped any blemishes I had at the time.  This mask is more like a 2-in-1 because as you rinse the mask off, it exfoliates your skin as well.


Lastly, it’s time to moisturize.  Moisturizers are a MUST for me in order to trick my skin into thinking it is producing enough oil that way it doesn’t go into overdrive and create even more oil (confusing but true).  My under eye area has been loving the Nyakio Red Ginseng Smoothing Eye and Lip Cream.  It absorbs so well and helps me look less tired.  My makeup also looks amazing in the areas that I use this cream.

For the rest of my face I use the Nyakio Chamomile Soothing Sleep Mask.  This is a no rinse sleeping mask.  The scent is so relaxing it honestly helps me fall asleep.  It feels very lightweight, and I wake up to hydrated beautiful skin.

I continue to use these products in my daily skincare routines. I highly recommend each of these.

What products are you going to try?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Melissa (IG: @primpandprimebeauty)

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3 thoughts on “Nyakio Skincare Product Review

  1. CaptionDaFashion says:

    I would literally like to try all of these. They look like great products. I was eyeing the Kenyan Coffee Face Polish. Before I read that it left your skin smooth I thought it. This is a good sign.
    I’m sold.


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