Mineralogie Makeup Must Haves for Your Next Beach Getaway

Travel Makeup Must Haves


Hi loves!

Today I am bringing you an awesome guest post from an amazing brand called Mineralogie Makeup.  They will be sharing some of their fabulous must have, travel friendly products that you should bring with you on your next vacation. Keep reading, and enjoy!

As the weather warms up, it’s easy for thoughts to turn to sunny vacations and relaxing getaways. Checking bags can be a hassle and expensive, so I try to cut back on my beauty routine as much as possible. Whenever available I choose non-liquid products that are less likely to spill and make things messy and won’t be restricted.

I want my on the road or in the air beauty routine to be as simple and seamless as I can manage so I choose products that can pull double duty and stand up well to whatever the day brings without requiring a lot of time for touch-ups. My go to travel foundation is the Mineralogie Pressed Foundation. It’s natural formula protects my skin from the environment and is loaded with Zinc and Titanium (scientifically proven to help prevent damage caused by the Sun).

mineralogie makeup pressed foundation  pressed-blush-duo-coastal-corals

A blush duo is a must-have for my travel makeup bag because of the versatility. I can wear one or both shades swirled together, or even do some light contouring if I have extra time with the lighter and darker colors.

You can never have on too much lipstick. I tend to gravitate toward natural toned colors, but an easy way to brighten the look up a little without getting too far out of my comfort zone is with the Mineralogie Vitamin E stick available in pretty tints. I have these everywhere my purse, my beach bag, my car. I don’t dare to be caught in a situation with dry, chapped lips.


When I have a busy itinerary to get to I don’t want to fuss with blending a smoky eye and using 4 shades on my lids, even though I love that look for date night. I prefer a stick shadow that I can just smudge directly into my crease and pat with my finger to blend. It doesn’t get any easier than Lux Creme Shadow in Rose Quartz.


Travel can wreak havoc on my skin. Between too much sun exposure, time spent in a skin-drying airplane, and indulgent treats teamed with forgetting to hydrate from the inside, I often find myself on the defense when it comes to skin moisture. When this happens I reach for my Skin Spritz. One spray and I feel refreshed and my skin looks more plump and energized. It’s like a mini time-out.


The last thing to consider is tools. Of course the basics like an eye lash curler, and I don’t ever leave home without my Tweezermans, but I also have a makeup brush that I use for everything. The Deluxe Brush is perfect for getting a medium coverage with foundation, and is my Goldilocks’s blush brush with it’s just right, not too big, not too small size for applying to the cheeks and cheekbones.


If you are looking for something to keep the perfect travel capsule makeup collection in then look no further than Stephanie Johnson. This brand has nailed cute packaging with convenient features. I own the Grace Brush Case and it easily fits all the cosmetics I need to pack, along with a separate compartment for 4 brushes. It’s small enough to fit into my suitcase without taking up too much room, but holds a surprising amount.

Mary Van, the founder and CEO of Demaur Cosmetics, Inc., is a nationally accredited makeup artist and mineral makeup pioneer. In 2003, Van established her own brand of mineral makeup, called Mineralogie. With more than 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, and product development, Van has transformed the way mineral makeup is branded and sold.

Be sure to check out they’re social channels too!

What are some of your travel makeup essentials?

❤ Melissa (IG: @primpandprimebeauty)

One thought on “Mineralogie Makeup Must Haves for Your Next Beach Getaway

  1. Marielli says:

    This brand seems perfect for this on the go. Perfect for moms who are too busy too do a glam look or maybe a young teen who is still learning the ins and outs of makeup. Love the packaging and the size of everything is so convenient and perfect since the airports are strict with there size of certain products being on the plane.


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