Protect Your Hair From Heat Damage | 180Pro Heat Rescue Product Review

180PRO Heat Rescue

* For today’s post I am partnering up with Zotos Professional.  This post is sponsored, and products were sent complimentary for reviewing purposes.  As always opinions are 100% honest, and my own.  I only recommend products that I love and use myself.

Hi loves!

Today I am going to be sharing a product line that I have been using over the course of about two months and love.  I am always looking for products that protect my hair from heat damage, and that also repair old damage at the same time.

The 180PRO Heat Rescue line from Zotos Professional has made it easy for me to feel comfortable applying a blow dryer or flat iron to my hair.  I still have laid off of the heat a lot more than I use to, but I have been trying different styles where heat is involved in some way.

I hated how I lost the natural beautiful bounce and definition in my curls because of heat damage.  By using this system of products continuously, I can see a great difference in my hair.

Below I will list each product and explain my experience with each one.  I also have a video on my YouTube channel showing exactly how I use each product.  Feel free to subscribe if you’d like.

You can purchase these products at Sally Beauty Supply stores, or on  I love that these are very effective, and still extremely affordable.

Products Tested & Reviewed:

  • Heat Rescue Shampoo:  $8.99 12 oz.  This shampoo smells amazing!  It is a creamy pearlized looking shampoo when released from the bottle, and works into a really nice lather.  Unlike a lot of shampoos, my hair never felt like it was being stripped of moisture from the time I applied and worked it throughout my hair, to then rinsing.  You will notice in my video that I only apply shampoo to my scalp area and underneath my hair.  I never bring it fully down to my ends.
  • Heat Rescue Conditioner:  $8.99 12 oz.  My favorite part of washing my hair is applying a conditioner.  Something about that silky smooth texture after rinsing is so satisfying.  This conditioner goes long way.  Because my hair is very long and thick I could literally use almost half a bottle in one wash.  To my surprise I only needed one palm and a half to coat all of my hair.
  • Polish Protector Leave-In Styling Cream:  $9.99 8 oz.  Finding a good non waxy leave in styling cream is major for me.  A lot of the one I have tried have left my hair looking dull, and was like running glue through my hair.  This styling cream has more of a creamy wet texture which made it really easy to work with.  In the video you can see I was even able to brush it through my hair allowing it to apply evenly throughout my head.  There was no crunchy feeling, and the shine looked amazing.  I also love how it helped tame frizz.
  • Flat Iron Barrier Thermal Protection Spray:  $9.99 8 oz.  I know this says flat iron barrier, but I spray my hair with this even if I am using a curling wand, or blow dryer.  It also helps my ends look smooth and healthy.  There is no greasy residue left behind.

If I only had to recommend one to you, it would be the Polish Protector Leave-In Styling Cream.  It does a PHENOMENAL job!

How do you protect your hair from heat damage?

Thanks for reading!

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