BH Cosmetics Club Tropicana Palette Review + Swatches 

BH cosmetics club tropicana eyeshadow palette review and swatches


Hi loves!

It’s getting pretty hot here in New York and I am totally feeling the Summer vibes. With Summer being like a week away, I have been adding brighter colors to my makeup collection to use these next few months.  One of my most recent purchases was the new BH Cosmetics Club Tropicana eyeshadow palette.  I first saw it on Instagram, and was captivated by the intense pigmentation, and awesome fun colors.

So this bright color eyeshadow palette consists of 28 foiled eye colors, an no matte shades.  Retailing for $12.50, I feel like it’s a really great price for the amount of product.  I have seen more high end neon palettes like the Urban Decay Electric Palette which consists of less eyeshadows, and costs a significant amount more.

BH Cosmetics Club Tropicana Palette Review

I believe there are several colors in the Club Tropicana eyeshadow palette that can be dupes for some in the Urban Decay Electric Palette, except that these are not matte shades. If you want a comparison post just let me know!

The packaging is really cute too. It’s  clear which makes it very easy to see if you would want to reach for it at that particular time, and also has palm trees on each side really giving off a tropical summer feeling.

BH Cosmetics Club Tropicana Eyeshadow palette thoughts

After swatching the palette, I had some mixed feelings.  I thought they would feel more buttery, but they were a bit more stiff initially to the touch with my finger.  There were also some shades that I had to go back into about 3 times to get that bright pigmentation that I saw online.  I didn’t use a primer when swatching so I am sure that will make a difference as well.  Some shades definitely felt like they will be easier to blend and work with than others due to the fact that some feel chalky when worked back and forth.  The only shade in this palette that I will not reach for because it was the worst quality is the white shade.  Maybe with a primer it will work better, but this shade crumbled when placed onto the skin and felt very chalky and less pigmented.  My FAVORITE row for both quality of the shadows, as well as pigmentation was the 3rd row.  I only needed one swipe and was blown away by how amazing they came out.

BH Cosmetics Club Tropicana Palette Swatches Row 1

1st Row (Top)


BH Cosmetics Club Tropicana Palette Swatches row 2

Row 2

BH Cosmetics Club Tropicana Palette Swatches row 3

Row 3 (My Fave! Best formula & pigmentation)

BH Cosmetics Club Tropicana Palette Swatches row 4

Row 4

You can easily use this palette for full eye looks, or just pops of color here and there.  I will definitely be getting a tutorial up using this and would love for you to tell me what colors you would like to see used.

Will you be buying this palette?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Melissa (IG: @primpandprimebeauty)

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4 thoughts on “BH Cosmetics Club Tropicana Palette Review + Swatches 

  1. Marielli says:

    These are beautiful colors, I love them all. You definitely need to do a sexy summer look with these ! I love the peachy tone one and the purples as well. I need this palette in my life lol . Ugh maybe for my bday next month, but well see. I love the packaging too. Maybe u can use the white one for the rear duct or for a Shimmer highlight on your brown one.


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